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Charleston Fashion Week Gets A Makeover

by Emily Reyna It’s that time of the year again in Charleston—festival season. Week after week, ...

Clever Meets Creepy at The Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art

EXHIBITION REVIEW — BÖHLER & ORENDT by Sarah Miller Walking off Calhoun Street you could find yourself thinking you’ve stumbled upon a nomadic camp, inhabited by ghosts of species past. Your body takes ...

INTRO: Sara Pittman

DISCOVERING TOP EMERGING ARTISTS INTRO is a pop-up art exhibition that discovers works ...

Aquarium Southern Spirits
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8 Artists Bringing the Heat

It’s blazing outside — and inside Charleston’s art spaces by Katie Kerns Geer 1: ANGELA CHRUSCIAKI BLEHM

Playfully Profound

Two Lake City Exhibitions Spark Conversation Through Art by Allyson Sutton Larger-than-life stuffed animals knit with vibrant hues like magenta and turquoise. Brightly-colored paintings depicting beloved cartoon characters like Popeye. A giant ...

Living Longer

by Michele Seekings “Art without conservators is like a house without someone making repairs—it’s going to go away. Conservators help preserve art for ...

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