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  • Summer Wine Bouquet
Sex With Strangers

REVIEW — THEATRE by Hunter Gardner Closing out The Village Rep’s sixteenth season is Sex With Strangers—a modern day romp through pride, Internet ...

SPOLETO 2017 REVIEW: Music in Time | Lecture on the Weather

MUSIC by Matt Dobie John Cage’s Lecture on the Weather was the last installment of the Music in Time Series at this year’s Spoleto Festival USA, though some may not even call ...

SPOLETO 2017 REVIEW: Il n’es pas encore minuit

PHYSICAL THEATER by Emily Reyna A fight breaks out in Memminger Auditorium. It’s a full out brawl between the men and women performers of Compagnie XY, a completely choreographed and planned scene ...

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So You Bought A Piece Of Art

NOW WHAT? by Michele Seekings We sat down with Michele Seekings, an avid art collector, an active board member of the

Summer Wine Bouquet

A CULINARY & VISUAL ARTS MASHUP by Katie Kerns Geer If your interests involve good food, good music, fine wine, fine art — or ...

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