• Collector: Janet Porcher Gregg
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Spoleto 2016 Review: Every Brilliant Thing

By Helen Wolfe | Images courtesy Spoleto Festival USA Ice cream. Things with stripes. Roller coasters. People falling over. Jonny Donahoe, the ...

Spoleto 2016 Review: Chamber Music

By Stacy Huggins | Images by William Struhs, courtesy Spoleto Festival USA Besides the unparalleled music, the best part of attending a Spoleto Festival Chamber Music Concert is undoubtedly Geoff Nuttall, ...

Spoleto 2016 Review: Grace Notes: Reflections for Now

By Emily Reyna | Images by William Struhs, courtesy Spoleto Festival USA The air in the Sottile Theatre was full of anticipation Sunday night, June 5th 2016, as people of all ...

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Marc Dalessio

FINDING BEAUTY IN ORDINARY PLACES Marc Dalessio believes it’s the painter’s job to see beauty everywhere. “If people can see the beauty in the world around them—not just the obvious beauty of our great ...

Townsend Davidson

UNEXPECTED RELATIONSHIPS Townsend Davidson spent a lot of time in the woods near his home in Virginia when he was young. “Being alone in that open space was humbling. I felt small ...

Collector: Janet Porcher Gregg

The Home of Janet Porcher Gregg As a collector, businesswoman, and jewelry artist, Janet Porcher Gregg is fearless. “Nothing is permanent in my life,” which is especially true when it comes to ...

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