England in 1819
October 22, 2013
The Tin Roof
One of PASTE Magazine’s top Louisiana bands, England in 1819 spent the summer isolated in a cabin in North Carolina, where they wrote and recorded Fireball Electric Tomorrow.What began as a 9 piece experimental/orchestral group (using drums, bass, guitar, piano, oboe, french horn and an opera singer) is now just a duo, brothers Andrew and Dan Callaway. For their latest album, the pair incorporate electronic drums and synths to create their unique ‘grandwave‘ sound. Holding on to their wide textural and dynamic range, airy delicate sections mix and meld with thick synths and pounding drums. The electronics give the atmosphere an underlying pulse, forming danceable grooves that build into driving, rhythmic surges.Andrew on the writing process and the cabin:
No TV, no internet, just a couple couches and some tables  We just set everything up and started making noise.  For the first few weeks, we just made as many short rough ideas as possible, like little seeds. We just kept weeding out what didn’t work and watering the ones we liked. We were getting up at 6 and going to bed at 9. During the days we’d write and write. There was boxed wine at night. We’d put the music on and dance around. If we liked listening to it, then it was a keeper. We’d get bored and go back to writing. We’d get bored of writing the way we were writing and change up the whole process. On one song, you can hear Dan slamming the fridge in the background, because I was in my “record everything through the laptop mic” phase.

With a few weeks left, we drove down to Spartanburg, SC and recorded the vocals and french horn at Wheresville Studios. Mark Miller was amazing to work with and made the entire process just seamless.”

England in 1819 has booked over 50 shows in support of the new record. Their live show is a sensory experience in itself, with custom lights and lasers that flash and swirl in time. 

Look for Fireball Electric Tomorrow and a new music video on Tuesday September 24th.

FOR MORE INFO: englandin1819.com