John Sherman at Mary Martin Art
May 4, 2018
120 Market Street, Charleston 29401
John Sherman describes his paintings as “breakthroughs from the archetypal world”.   Others have described them as “psychologically significant” works of “contemplative artistry”.  He also describes himself as a “participatory expressionist”, an artist with a self-conscious rapport with the phenomenal world.  His paintings utilize texture, color and symbolism to produce works or representational expressionism, sometimes crossing the edge into abstraction

Not formally trained in the fine arts, Sherman’s methods of constructions and fabrication are largely self-taught, but informed by careful study of modern media using stable archival processes.  Most of his paintings are multi-layer sculptural constructions of collage, paint, acrylic and other media.  The surfaces are progressively built up and frequently “cracked” intentionally before application of the final layers.