The Grace Project
October 25 - 28, 2018

The Grace Project is a series of empowering portraits by renowned body image photographer Charise Isis that capture the courage, beauty, and grace of women who bear the visible and invisible scars of breast cancer.

Charise’s sensitive lens empowers breast cancer survivors to embrace their new body and challenges current ideals of beauty by featuring survivors across the spectrum of body size, age, and ethnicity. The exhibition features large-format portraits on silk, creating a graceful sense of presence that honors the women who have chosen to reveal their scars in front of Charise’s camera.

Inspiration for The Grace Project began when a client contacted Charise, wishing to have his wife, a double mastectomy breast cancer survivor, photographed in Charise’s studio. “Her husband booked the shoot for her, as he wanted her to feel the beauty he saw within her,” explains Charise. “After about an hour in the studio, the woman began to reveal her remaining breast to the camera, and eventually threw off her blouse completely, exclaiming ‘I’m doing this for me!’ In that moment, I witnessed a woman let go of 12 years of shame regarding her body. A complete metamorphosis occurred, and The Grace Project was born,” says Isis.

To date, Charise has photographed over 400 survivors. The goal of the project is to photograph 800 women and men, the approximate number of new breast cancer diagnosis every day in the United States.

The Grace Project – Charleston will premiere at three Charleston galleries on October 25th and will be on exhibition through October 29th. Charise will be in attendance at the opening and will give a special presentation about The Grace Project at each gallery. Private gallery tours with the photographer will be available by appointment. Charise will also photograph breast cancer survivors in Charleston, at no cost to the participant.

Exhibition Dates: Oct 25 – 28

Opening reception: Thurs, Oct 25, 5–8pm, at three locations:

Cecil Byrne Gallery | 60 Broad St
Grace Project – Women of Color

Revealed Gallery | 119-A Church St
Grace Project – Metavivor

John C. Doyle Gallery | 125 Church St
The Athena Division – United States Veterans women affected by breast cancer

Grace Project – Women of Color – Beth Goodman

The Grace Project – Women of Color – CatherineBinneti