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Charleston Men with Style

Charleston is full of the beautiful and stylish, but the style spotlight often omits the handsome,  stylish, creative men in our city. We asked Art Mag readers to pick their favorite local artists who have a unique sense of style.  Enjoy!

Marcus Amaker
Occupation: Web Designer, Videographer, Poet

Favorite local shopping spot: Children’s Cancer Society Thrift Store in Avondale

Fun facts: He plays the bass and eats tons of Glazed Gourmet Doughnuts 



Johnny Battles
Occupation: Chocolatier at Sweeteeth Chocolate, Dad

Describes his style as: Functional. Comfortable. 

Shops at: The Recycled Cowboy







Mike “Mac” Macabee
Occupation: Hair Stylist at Studio M

Describes his style as: Classic. Dapper. Modern. 

Style philosophy: Dress for the job you want, not the job you have

Fun fact: He owns around 30 pairs of the same style of Levi’s jeans






Matthew McLaughlin

Occupation: Showroom Manager at Circa Lighting

Describes his style as: Preppy, but playful at the same time

Style staple: Suspenders




Nathan Durfee
Occupation: Painter

Style staples: Nice ties and cowboy boots

Shops at: A mixture of local boutiques and thrift stores



words: Janae Tanti
images: Karson Photography

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