Enough Pie
Enough Pie is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the support of creative placemaking and community development on the upper peninsula of Charleston, South Carolina through innovative programming, project grants and collaborative advocacy for smart, inclusive growth.

In recent years, the upper peninsula has seen incredible growth in both local businesses and creative energy. Against this backdrop, Enough Pie identified a need to bring people together through creative placemaking initiatives, both large and small, to engage the community in a proactive manner and encourage open, inclusive dialogue.

The Community Project Grants, launched in December of 2013, support creative collaboration through high-impact, low-cost artistic and creative community projects. With maximum funds of $1000 per grant, these projects will help demonstrate the unifying nature of the arts while directly contributing to the creative vitality of the upper peninsula.

To submit a Letter of Intent for the Community Project Grants, please visit the online application portal by clicking here.Those who wish to be considered for the first round of funding must submit by January 6. For more information about the grant program, please visit www.enoughpie.org/grants or contact grants@enoughpie.org