Matt Mill, Publisher

Matt Mill brings his years of customer-oriented skills and fresh vision to the Art Mag team. Born in Mt. Pleasant, he attended College of Charleston, where he studied Historic Preservation and Urban Planning. After spending four years in Atlanta, Matt returned to Charleston and has been an active member of Spoleto SCENE and the arts community at large. -SH  [email protected]


Elizabeth Bulwinkle, Creative Director

Liz is affectionately known as “Wink” thanks in large part to her husband’s last name. She joined the Art Mag team in a very organic method, around the same time she started her own company, Wink Creative Studio. She brings a tremendous amount of creative vision to both the print and web components of Art Mag, with a unifying and defining identity. She is literally the bees knees. -SH  [email protected]



Elizabeth Bowers



Kip Bulwinkle

When I grow up I want to be young again. I’m a 6th generation Charlestonian and can be found either napping in my Boston Whaler with my dog and fishing rod, or sipping bourbon and sampling some of Charleston’s best culinary handiwork. My best friends on this earth are my wife and my dog (in that order). I am the owner of Karson Photography and I approach photography like a puma watching a monkey crack a coconut – planning the shot, yet allowing the energy of the moment guide my creative process. I love life, love my job, and I love my city.