Why is the Sky Blue?
March 6 - 27, 2020
Meyer Vogl, 122 Meeting St, Charleston, SC 29401

In celebration of Meyer Vogl Gallery’s 4th birthday, the group exhibition Why is the Sky Blue? celebrates the curiosity of four-year-olds with work by artists who explore landscape painting with a sense of wonder. The show features four South Carolina artists — Laurie Meyer, Marissa Vogl, Susan Altman, and Dorothy Shain — and runs March 6 – 27.

“Painting landscapes, for me, is so therapeutic,” says Shain, a Greenville, SC, native who infuses her paintings with a vibrancy inspired by her travels. “It’s a chance to take a scene from reality and bring the feelings and emotions you experienced there to life. I often lose sight of the subject and my focus turns to color and movement.”

Meyer and Vogl, both co-owners of the gallery, will also have new work in the show. “Capturing the composition and colors provided by nature itself is humbling at best,” says Meyer. “Being a representational painter, I look for a strong design and sense of atmosphere while striving to capture the effects light and shadow have on colors.”

An opening reception will be held in association with the Charleston Gallery Associate Art Walk on Friday, March 6, from 5 – 8pm. Artists will be in attendance.

Marrisa Vogl, Amber Breeze, 60 x 72

Susan Altman

Dorothy Shain, Light on the Cliff

Laurie Meyer

FOR MORE INFO: meyervogl.com