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Artistic Process: Nicole’s Nutty Goodness

Nicole Rager’s creativity has brought Charleston the delicious and, yes, healthy snack known as Nicole’s Nutty Goodness. By creativity, we mean Rager’s hard work in the kitchen, five days a week, at a process that can only be called a labor of love.

Rager begins with fresh and raw ingredients. Most of the bars have the same base of dates, bananas, apples, and spices that she purees together in a giant mixer before adding nuts to the mixture. Next comes what she calls the most important step of the process: spreading. Each batch is spread by hand and approved by Rager herself to ensure that it is the exact thickness necessary for the bars to dehydrate correctly, which is what makes her snacks unlike any other. Every tray dehydrates in a machine for about 13 hours, after which the bars are cut, weighed to the ounce, packaged, sealed, and shipped all by hand!

Rager’s favorite part of this creative experience, however, has been the collaborative nature of putting together each new and popular flavor. “Every one of these bars has a story, a string of people that are responsible for its coming about,” she says. From the power of suggestion, which gave birth to the Cherry Chocolate Chip bar, to someone simply giving her a bunch of peaches, leading to the newer Peaches and Cream flavor, she shares creative credit for her bars. Nicole’s Nutty Goodness is a community of people who love the creator, love these snacks, and love to see more of them. And, yes, she’s got a couple of new creations she could add to the eight she already sells at various locations.

The best part? After five years of making more and more bars everyday, by hand, for her community, Rager still eats them everyday and loves it.

Get Some Goodness!
Look for Nicole’s Nutty Goodness at many local coffee shops and local foods stores and every weekend at the Charleston Farmers Market or order online at: nuttygoodness.net

Nicole’s Nutty Goodness
654 King Street, Charleston, SC 29403

words: Cara Beth Heath
images: Karson Photography


Posted in Mixed Media on June 25, 2012 (Summer 2012) by Art Mag.

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