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Julie Slonecki

Singer-songwriter, Julie Slonecki has some special skills that go beyond her silky vocals and impressive guitar and bass playing.  She knows how to record her own music and even master it, something most professional recording engineers don’t even attempt!  Each one of her songs is literally created with layers and layers of her own artistry.

Growing up with musician parents, she rejected their influence until she turned 13, when she found herself compelled to learn and practice the guitar daily and started writing songs.  That led to performing with a band at her high school here in Charleston, Ashley Hall.  Later, Slonecki attended Washington and Lee University in Virginia, where she got a degree in music composition, while having a great time playing gigs throughout her college career.

Slonecki put out her third self-produced album last year, Truth/Ideals, and she feels it is her best work to date.  One wonderful and interesting thing about her is that she likes to create new sounds by using everyday objects like kitchen tongs to make clacking sounds or hitting a three-hole punch with a pencil.  She then records these with her “jankey equipment.”  These get looped in with her original beats on the more electronic tracks.  Most of the songs on the album though, have a profound sweetness to them, with poetic lyrics, and soothing melodies creating a modern folky-pop sound.

Her next project will consist of other local music superstars, Caleb Bodtorf, Stuart White, and Ben Wells.  Clearly Slonecki is on this planet to make music, and she is almost Martha Stewart-esque in the level of control and perfection she wants, and gets, through her own ingenuity.  The end result sure sounds sweet to our ears!




words: Dee Dee Arthur

images: Provided and Collin James

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