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Tim Hussey

image: Joel Caldwell

The first show I worked on as an art student at CofC featured the work of Tim Hussey and Tom Stanley at the Halsey Institute.  It was a monumental experience for me and I’ve never forgotten the awesome feeling of hanging a body of artwork, opening the doors, and welcoming the public to come meet the artist.

Since that exhibition in 2003, Hussey has made some major progress.  His artwork has matured and developed; a 10-year retrospective of his work was held at the City Gallery; he met and married the love of his life; and the two have moved to sunny California, Los Angeles to be exact.  Now for the best news: they are moving back to Charleston later this year!

"How It Went Down 1"

“I’ve gotten a lot from LA;  it’ll be hard to leave,” says Hussey.  There he has worked alongside a large number of artists who are making big moves in an art community that Hussey calls “the new center of the art world.”  In addition to amazing weather, Hussey reports that LA has great galleries who are really open to new talent and very friendly people.  His fellow Charlestonian and LA neighbor Shepard Fairey is one of those people, whom Hussey says has been a tremendous friend and resource.

With that glowing report, Hussey is still looking forward to returning to Charleston, with an invigorated body of work and sense of purpose.  He has switched to painting exclusively in oil, and he’s slowing the process down, taking his time with each piece.  “I was always envious when I saw that beautiful smear, the hot, bright color of oil paint,” he says.

He’s also moved to total abstraction, a process that has taken more than a decade.  “A good abstraction deconstructs a reality to the point of creating an entirely new reality,” and conveys a narrative that you feel, rather than one spelled out.  These new paintings are more about Hussey’s feelings than anything else; he paints from a gut response.  “I’ve learned too much to go backwards,” he says.  We couldn’t agree more.  Welcome home, friend.

words: Stacy Huggins

See Hussey’s work locally at:

The George Gallery
50 Bogard Street, Charleton SC 29403

"True Story 2"

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