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Project Runway talent, local Carol Hannah Whitfield and the West Coast’s Logan Neitzel, sat down yesterday with local media to talk about CFW.  Amidst all the camera flashes and questions, Carol Hannah glowed how “surreal” it is to “come back to where it all started.”  Carol Hannah has been around the fashion block since her last appearance as an emerging designer at CFW 2008.  The South Carolina native is back to debut her first wedding collection at tomorrow’s Bridal Couture event.  Look for “fun details, draping, and the fabric manipulations that I love so much,” she says with a smile.  And what’s most special about this anticipated collection?  Each dress has the spirit and name of a street in Charleston!  We can’t wait to see Cistern-Peach and Haint Blue walk the runway (or is it the aisle?).

This is Logan Neitzel’s first time in Charleston.  He feels “a big sense of community,” and “something real, an understanding,” for fashion brewing here in the Holy City.  This Project Runway veteran will be channeling Tim Gunn’s personality as he coaches the Emerging Designers as they race against the clock for tomorrow’s catwalks.  And what’s next for Logan?  He’s cultivating his market, and looking to develop a “cult following.”

Both designers advise yet-to-be-discovered talent to get out there.  Caral Hannah says  “find what’s special about you, and stay true to it.  The world doesn’t need another designer, but it wants something exciting.”  Practically rules with Mr. Neitzel who urges budding designers to be multitalented, “you have to be able to put your head down and work.  Design is fun.  Answering 40 e-mails a day is not–but that’s real life.”

Cheers to the Charleston Fashion Week 2010 finale this weekend!

Logan Neitzel speaks on Project Runway, his career goals, and his first time in Charleston.

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