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Going green takes a turn towards “going blue” this Thursday March 25th, 7-11pm with the Charleston Waterkeeper’s First Annual Water Ball taking place at the SC Aquarium. No, the Water Ball does not consist of children hurling water-filled balloons. Well, as far as we know, it doesn’t. They’re being kinda secretive and it sounds super fun!

The organization is one of nearly 200 Waterkeepers around the globe fighting for “drinkable, fishable, swimmable” creeks, rivers, and oceans. The private “citizen driven” efforts are part investigative journalist (look out for the iPhone app to report bad guys on the water), science teacher (a ‘water machine’ will be unveiled at the gala), and community organizer.

This kickoff gala is hiding a few surprises, but here’s a peek into some of the good stuff. The educational, interactive walk-in will lead to a cocktail area brimming with waterway-impacted vendors. (Could all of Charleston fit into the aquarium?) Mingle with key Waterkeeper-movement players, and check out the kaleidoscope silent auction of water experiences like a waterway patrol and step inside the massive blow up dome in the middle of the aquarium by Open Dome Productions. This is a seriously creative evening, so creative formal wear is expected—‘no tux required’ proclaims head Waterkeeper Cyrus Buffum.

Without water none of us would survive!!! Bring on the Water Ball.

$50/person. For tickets and information about The Water Ball, see

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