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Charleston Fashion Week had us so wrapped up in the excitement and events, we haven’t even had time to post everything yet! Here’s the roundup of Friday night’s shows and pictures.

Teal, a swanky boutique

Teal, a swanky boutique opened the evening with a fun, sassy lineup, 80’s inspired music & details, like leggings & roller skates over the shoulder and pink lips. The hair reminded us more of Farrah Fawcett like someone went out to find the best hair rollers to create lasting curls, and the bright colors were great pops in this overly long and drawn out winter.

Mary Mojo

We loved some of the details at Mary Mojo and were a little perplexed by others, like a loose fitting one piece bathing suit that was not remotely flattering. The flowered bathing cap however, was great. Great updo’s and a white bangle almost to the elbow completed the looks.


Biton had some surprisingly awesome and some completely awful looks. The first look down the runway–tight, high waisted light denim–elicited a “Yikes” from yours truly, and men’s hair was as slick as the creepy mannequins in the windows. There was a cute print romper, one shoulder red jersey dress and a gold clutch that was good enough to make my positive notes. For men, there was a wonderful pair of chocolate brown suede wingtip shoes with enough vintage charm to make any hipster happy & a patchwork argyle shirt that was interesting.

Sadly my camera fell and suffered a shock to its system at the start of the La Roque show. Don’t worry, all is well, but you’ll have to use your imaginations for the rest of the show!

La Roque presented a classic line with interesting backs, little girl socklets hovering over the ankles… Yellow, white, pink, navy, ruffles, one shouldered dresses and tops are definitely back.

I have always liked V2V and this show was a wide variety of the feminine and fashion forward looks they are known for, like bubble skirted dress, flower accessories, bold colors, ruffles and one shouldered pieces.

The best department store east of the Cooper, Gwynn’s of Mt Pleasant, brought a limited palette of white and gold with some pink accents that bored some, but delighted yours truly. Sparkling shoes and bags accented white clothing, Bowie-esque hair and makeup, like lighting bolts zigzagging down the models’ faces were quite fun. The hot pink jeans and shoulder pads did not make the likes list however.

Featured Designer Ashley Reid used her students from the Art Institute of Charleston to put on her line of loose dresses with mesh panel insets, rompers, more socks with high heels and great necklaces. Salmon, poppy and burgundy with some

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