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After my meeting with Redux maven Karen Ann Myers last week, I left once again inspired by the passion and talent residing there.

“Redux is a sanctuary for artists.” -Karen Ann Myers, executive director


–noun, plural -ar·ies.

1. a sacred or holy place.
2. any place of refuge.
As a non-profit arts center focusing on presenting cutting edge Contemporary art, Redux provides a setting that where artists are released from constraints and boundaries that commercial interests can impose.  With the limits removed, the room for artistic expression can leap beyond a canvas or pedestal and enter realms never previously inhabited by art.
Redux also serves as an educational entity for the entire community and fosters a nurturing environment for the artists, whether they are taking their first class or keep studios there.  It is a space where up & coming artists work side by side with established artists.  Opportunities for collaboration and discussion abound, both genius & mental masturbation can live side by side, at a very nominal fee for the artists.
Their current exhibition, “We Pictured You Reading This,” features work from the Paper Monument out of Brooklyn, NY, curated by editor James Bae.  The show is multimedia–print, 2D visual art, even a film making its American debut.

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Redux Commits to their Projects...

The Redux crew event painted this mural on the side of their building specially for the show–go visit them at 136 St Philip Street or virtually at

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