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Some good news from the “Break the Deal” and Save SC Arts Facebook event page: (edited for brevity)

[UPDATE as of, June 15] Great turnout of arts advocates this am in the SC State House Lobby!

House Reps have pushed the budget veto until they reconvene tomorrow, 6/16, at 9am, so there is *still time* to write + call SC House reps re: overriding Sanford’s budget vetoes. (Sources note that veto talks will likely go all week…)

This morning, roughly 40-50 arts advocates gathered to rally SC legislators to override Governor Sanford’s vetoes 32 & 105.  Vvenerable arts vets like Power Company founder Martha Brim to supporters of the State Museum, libraries, 701 CCA, ETV, the Archives, etc were joined by enthusiastic young arts supporters and local news cameras (ABC, etc) came to cover the indoor rally, as well.

Then the rally put away the signs and moved upstairs into the already-crowded 2nd floor lobby, where “override” request notes were written and passed to various House Reps by an overwhelmed staff at the page table.  Word is that more reps are joining the “override,” so it’s clear our efforts are actually doing something!

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1. Keep emailing and calling House leaders!  Use their Capitol office phones. **Emails should include the word “CONSTITUENT” or could be classed as spam.**

2. Couldn’t make it to the State House today, but you’re free tomorrow? Well then go for it! The session starts at 9am — write detailed notes to legislators — note slips are at the page desk on the 2nd floor.


3. If any of these line items *are* overridden, please take the time to write thank-you emails to the legislators you contacted. This was advised by a number of experienced arts advocates for building goodwill in the legislature.

4. Join the SC Arts Alliance! It is the main organizing body for all goverment funded arts groups and the ideal next step for anyone concerned about the arts in SC:


Not in a position to fork over the $15 join fee? Then just send a note to Betty Plumb and she’ll add you to the SCAA email list! It is free, and you can keep on top of crazy gov’t antics like Sanford’s veto stunt:

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