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Yesterday afternoon, the boy saunters into the Art Mag offices to find us hard at work.  He posed a most interesting query: Honey, how would you feel if I went to Husk tonight? (knowing I had other plans).  My answer was very colorfully worded, and not fit for print in this respectable publication.  I am very passionate about my food, especially when it’s the new restaurant everyone is talking about and I haven’t been yet.

So after Pecha Kucha 8 (awesomeness that deserves its own post), the boy wisked me off to the newest addition to Queen Street, HUSK, where we grilled our server and enjoyed every bite.

Drinks: I ordered a rose bubble, which was delightful but didn’t pair well with my food.

First: After much debate, we decided to try SC Shrimp and Clam Stew, Anson Mills Grits and Stewed Peppers, VA Guanciale.  This was so good we didn’t get any pictures before it was devoured.

Supper, Him: Carolina Beef Cheeks, Potato Confit, Oyster Mushrooms and Wood Fired Okra, Tomato Compote.  The boy who hates mushrooms ate everyone of them, and the rest of his meal for that matter.

Supper, Me: Country Fried Lamb Leg, Roasted Peppers and Rattlesnake Beans, Lamb Neck Gravy.  Holy Lamb, it was phenomenal.  The biggest omission in the meal description is the creamy potatoes residing beneath the meal, served in a Le  Crueset dutch oven.  The boy argued the Lamb Neck Gravy was the best thing on the table.

We skipped the sides for the table, but my vote would be for the skillet of Smoked Bacon Cornbread.  And I must give a super special salute to the Yeast Rolls with Benne Seeds and Smoked Salt–from the girl who never gets excited about bread.

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We also skipped dessert in favor of a glass of wine at home, but they were exceedingly tempting, and I loved the unusual number of non-chocolate options, as I abhor everyone else’s favorite indulgence.

Hats off to our server Julie, who fielded our shotgun spray of questions about everything from the origins of the butter (Happy Cow Creamery) to the table decor to what the heck are Rattlesnake Beans? (hint: they only look like rattlesnake patterns until they are cooked, then they are quite delightful.)

SUMMARY: Husk gets a HELL YES and a Rebel Yell.  Embrace your Southern Roots and look for the modern twists.  This ain’t Granny’s cooking.  It’s better.

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