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During my time at the hallowed College of Charleston, I had the grand idea to enroll in the Arts Management class called “Gallery Fundamentals.”  Not really knowing what it would be about, but liking the sound of it, I went for it.  This class changed my life.

I had always loved art, but here I found the diving board for jumping into the swimming pool known as my career.  I was meant to be a gallery director!  I got to touch the art!  There was wine at the openings!  What wasn’t to love?!

That semester I studied with Buff Ross, who has become a long-time friend as well as mentor.  The class worked on several exhibitions at the Halsey Institute in the original gallery at the Simons Center.  This was where I first met Tim Hussey and his work.

Some girls go crazy over movie stars.  I was enthralled and starry eyed by artists.  A lot has changed since then–but I still never get tired of having the chance to swim around inside a fascinating person’s mind.  Hang a lot of their art work in one room and let yourself drown in it.
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   Tim Hussey is perfect for this.

Tim once told me that in order to abstract, you have to master the academic.  In layman’s terms, you must be able to make a perfect likeness of an object or a figure before you can jump from the high dive into abstract art.
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   Otherwise, the work will sell you out.  In the chaos and the madness of his artwork, you can see so many moments and pieces colliding into perfection on the canvas.

I sometimes find his paintings to be incredibly sensual and alluring, a feeling similar to the one you get while using erotic body paint or something sexy and intimate. The main key point is that they are engaging.

The definition of ‘Art’ can be so broad and very vague, but the ultimate goal is always the same–to engage.   I don’t really care whether you love or hate a piece of art work, I care that it makes you actually THINK.

Tim Hussey: Drown Then Swim opening at City Gallery at Waterfront Park, December 16, 6-8 pm.  Artists lecture and walk through Saturday, December 18, 6pm.  34 Prioleau Street,

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