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Say “art” — and depending on their perspective, a person will respond with “performance,” “visual,” “culinary” or maybe even “fashion.”

But who links HOW they live to art? Or social artistry—how we are constructing and creating communities. Envision that person you know who seems so grounded, holds peacefulness in their heart. Or that place that feels magical. There’s an art to how they weave their life, so says Suzanne Hubbard, daughter of Barbara Marx Hubbard.

Who IS Barbara Marx Hubbard? In the world of conscious evolution, she is a Rock Star.  Buckminster Fuller called her “the best informed human now alive regarding futurism.” I first heard Marx Hubbard, last October attending the Sophia Institute WOW Conference.

“Conscious evolution”


“Young Universal Humans”

“Vocationally aroused”

“from Biosphere to Noosphere” and

“Synergistic Convergence”

These are some of the concepts the 82 year old futurist opined. When the opportunity to learn more from her arose, I couldn’t refuse.

She introduced meme codes: such as, “evolution by choice NOT chance” and “follow [your] compass of joy.”

During her presentation, I was a sponge absorbing potent, life altering concepts, punctuated with real life applicability. Like a prism reflecting light or color, the learnings one gleaned vary, depending on one’s perspective. Similar to other profound insights, the fundamental lessons come down to underscoring some firm grasp of the obvious— a concept inherently known; but one that takes on a golden aura when mirrored by a teacher.

My big take away: stepping-out, sharing more—connecting leads to more and greater “potentiality.” This lesson exemplified by Suzanne, who though an extremely private person was co-facilitating the workshop and sharing her journey (on tape nonetheless!; I dread being recorded). It clicked; more serendipitous moments occur with greater intention and being in opportunities to connect with others.

If you don’t want to wait until October when Barbara returns to Charleston, there’s an opportunity to learn from her now. Without sounding like a late night ginsu knife info-mercial, check out Barbara’s 12 week course the Agents of Conscious Evolution on the Shift Network.

–guest contributor Andrea Schenck

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