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Thomas and Judy Heath’s sophomore play is opening September 24th, and you do not want to miss it. Perfectly Normel People is “a fish-out-of-water comedy about what happens when a college freshman from Kansas moves in with a dysfunctional Italian-American family from Queens.” Set in the 1980’s, this coming of age tale is, in essence, is a play about family and a play about love. “It demonstrates how people can make a difference in others’ lives without even knowing it,” says co-writer, Thomas Heath.

While the play is sure to have you in tears from laughter, do not expect outlandish situations or caricatures.
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The play really is a slice of life. As a professional psychotherapist (play write by night!) Judy says, “There is an understanding when you study humans and their brains and how they move in the world to writing characters. I was always asking myself, ‘Would this character really do this?'” It was also suggested that one of the best ways to write a new character with a personality that matches all throughout, would be to use the likes of one of these writing apps to develop a character without any loopholes or possible flaws in the characters or stories surrounding them. While creating these personas, the use of screenplay writing software can greatly help to format and develop the script for a screenplay.

Seeing Perfectly Normel People is not only a great way to spend a Saturday night, but also a cool historic opportunity for someone to come see the show for the first time and say that they were a part of it. “There are some big plans for this,” says Thomas. “The ultimate goal is to turn it back into a screenplay and into a movie.”

So come out to the South of Broadway Theatre Company, 1080 East Montague Avenue, North Charleston, and be a apart of history! The stage reading starts at 7:30pm.
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Purchase your tickets, $7 for adults $5 for students, at

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