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Michael Mossman will join the CJO for Saturday's Latin Night

Art Mag got the chance to ask trumpeter, composer and educator Michael Phillip Mossman a few questions about his upcoming visit to Charleston to join the Charleston Jazz Orchestra for their sold out, third annual Latin Night.  Check it out!

Is this your first visit to Charleston?

Yes, this is.

Any special plans while you’re here?

I hope to meet and interact with as many jazz musicians and fans as I can and enjoy our community, Charleston style.

What are you hoping to communicate to the Charleston audience through your music?

The music we are focusing on is Afro-Cuban Jazz. My experience with this music started with Mario Bauza, Dizzy Gillespie and Machito. All three of the were clear in that this music is people music, all people, to enjoy whether you are a hip jazz aficionado (so the music is never “dumbed down”) or a newcomer just looking for a good time (or a chance to dance a bit!)

As a performer, what is your favorite moment of a one-night show like the CJO’s Latin Night?

Well, a one-nighter like this is kind of like a wine tasting. Just enough to come away with a impression and, hopefully, good reason to come back and spend more time.

As a composer?

As a composer, those motivations are more a combination of personal taste, desire to give the musicians something fun and challenging to play, and give the audience an enduring experience.

What instruments will you be playing for this weekend’s performance?

Looks like I’ll just be bringing my trusty Yamaha Xeno trumpet! I sometime bring my trombone, but it makes the travel a bit more difficult these days…

What is next on your plate?

I just returned from Bilbao, Spain where I rehearsed their symphony orchestra in a program we will do in December. The program includes a Latin Jazz ballet called “Beneath the Mask” I composed (and my wife Mayte Vicens choreographed) originally for Jon Faddis’ Chicago band. The music is now re-orchestrated for jazz quintet and symphony orchestra. Aside from that, I’ll be doing a week at the Blue Note in NYC celebrating my hero, Jimmy Heath’s 85th birthday!

I hope you enjoy your visit to Charleston!

My pleasure, ma’am!

Best wishes,

The Charleston Jazz Orchestra is Charleston’s resident big band, and they’re always doing some amazing things.  Make sure to sign up for their emails and buy your tickets in advance.  It’s always a stellar show!

The Jazz Artists of Charleston mission is to develop, promote, and support a vibrant and creative jazz culture through concerts, special outreach events, and educational programs.  Support them today!

Posted on September 22, 2011 by Art Mag.

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