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Service. Training. Attitude. Respect.  The are the makings of a Waffle Haus  STAR.

She's got three things on her list...

A family is reunited through a Christmas Miracle, as the the ghosts of Waffle Haus Christmas Past, Present and Future come to visit this redneck colorful family in Rodney Lee Roger’s Waffle Haus Christmas.

PURE Theatre pays attention to details.  From the moment you walk into the theatre, Jimmy, played by Rodney Lee Rogers, greets you with a menu, the playbill cleverly designed and laminated like a Waffle House menu.  Pay attnetion, the little quips tucked in it are hilarious.

Sharon Graci plays Sally Ann, the matriarch of this rag tag team, and Sullivan Graci Hamilton stars as their daughter Bella, whom they describe as ‘special,’ which Hamilton plays to the max.  She’s the definition of comic relief, but you have to pay attention, her moments can be subtle or eclipsed by the larger action at hand.  Tripp Hamilton plays the Ghosts, a trio of stereotypes and humor.
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Graci and Rogers have the back and forth timing of a well-polished cast.  Also their ability to handle the shocking number of latecomers humorously showed years of rolling with the punches that come with stage acting.  There’s no ‘Cut!’ here.  And they make it work flawlessly.

I was a little confused by the transitions back and forth addressing the audience and breaking the fourth wall and the story was told several times from multiple view points, but it made sense in the end.  Sally Ann is surly in one telling and sultry in another, Jimmy is ‘the man’ in one, a slightly nervous and jealous man in another, and it’s all hysterical.

I highly recommend you make Waffle Haus Christmas a priority for your holiday entertainment.  Leave the kiddies at home with grandma, this one’s not for them (language).  Waffle Haus Christmas is showing through December 23.
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PURE Theatre, 477 King Street.

Posted on December 10, 2011 by Art Mag.

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