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Many Thanks to guest writer Elizabeth Bowers for her coverage and candid copy.  Images by Karson Photgraphy.   Enjoy! -SH

See that guy with pink hair? That's designer Chris Benz, and we can't wait for his show tonight!

Wednesday’s locals would have been hard to top here in Charleston, so Thursday is going to have to be Sloth.  Not that I was put to sleep, but the runway shows were just slow and underwhelming in comparison.  JLINSNIDER and Michael Wiernicki maybe should have been saved for WOW later in the week.

The third night of Charleston Fashion Week 2012 was devoted to the new hit show FASHION STAR on NBC.  CFW alum Sarah Parrott was featured on FASHION STAR Wednesday night, and her open-back, cocktail dress design, which was picked up by H&M, sold out in stores within 15 minutes. Ayoka Lucas wore the bright blue number well last night.

Three dancers dubbed Sweet Dreams by DanceFX and a chair mid-runway started the show. Very talented and very “halftime at the Lakers game.” They were a great way to get energy up under the tents.

This led straight to the retail showings of the evening, Copper Penny and V2V. The boutiques this year seem to be sending lots of brightly colored jeans and wedges down the runway, and these two were no exceptions. There were a couple dresses—a bright yellow, strapless one in particular—that screamed, “Wear me to the Spring Bridal Show, please!”
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Emerging Designers

Nancy Faw Crowell

After a refreshingly short first half—the norm now, it seems—the third night of the Emerging Designer competition began, again, with kids. And squeals. And gasps. And lots of happy clapping from the crowd.

Nancy Faw Crowell

As one of the oldest competitors I can remember, Nancy Faw Crowell channeled Sweden in both design and music choice. Of the Emerging Designer competition, she said, “It’s been challenging, but a big joy for me to participate.” Primary colors and red buttons made in France accented her classic designs. She, of course, won People’s Choice for the night.

Vartika Vikram

Vartika Vikram

Vikram’s show started with a white dress, its buttons slightly off-center and certainly interesting. She continued with a cold color palette of white and green, and then went on to become a semi-finalist for her pretty, sheer, simple designs.
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Jordan Lee Brooks

Jordan Lee Brooks

Think bubble hems and bumble bee color blocking. His golden flowered print made sense with his color palette, but on the runway alone was rather reminiscent of curtains in a piano parlor.

Amy Cochran Quinn & Kelly Elizabeth Ruehlman

This show was very conceptual. In their opening video Quinn and Ruehlman described a character named Dalia who liked to “go to museums,” and who was “quiet and pensive.” Dalia also seemed to like nude make up, leather gloves, and vintage belting. With two designers’ visions coming together, there was a lot of juxtaposition of textures, patterns, and colors in this show.

Hazel Bae

Bae’s knit accenting was reminiscent of last year’s Emerging Designer Competition winner Charlotte Hess. Her best use of knits was as a ruffle on the skirt of a cocktail dress. She also made dress sleeves out of white yarn. She stuck mainly to white and black—her white looks were her most dramatic—but she also threw in some neon colors for fun.

Gratuitous picture of beautiful girls Erin Perkins, Caroline Millard and Jess James

Featured Designer

Fashion Star

The featured designers of the night were three of FASHION STAR’s designers: Sarah Parrott, Luciana Scarabello, and Nikki Poulos. Showed quickly, in order, without breaks, all lines were cohesive and wearable. This makes sense, because the point of the television show is to have buyers outbid one another to sell a line or design the next day. A pair of leather trimmed trousers were a stand-out, and I wish I hadn’t been covering CFW the night before, so I knew which store picked them.
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images : Karson Photography

words: Elizabeth Bowers 

Many thanks to Ms. Bowers for covering.  Follow her on Twitter @bowerse and check out her new publication, You, Yes You, a collaboration with writer and poet Marcus Amaker.

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