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Looking for some relief from the election year political steamroller? You have a couple more chances to see Deuce Theatre’s Hot Button Bullivard. This new piece written by and starring Charleston couple Michael Catangay and Andrea Studley, uses all manner of spectacle and audience participation to comment on what they call this election’s “hot button” issues. On the one hand, this show has the guts to acknowledge some pretty unsettling and potentially offensive topics in a very light-hearted way—puppets, bright colored wigs, and absurd costumes abound. On the other hand, there is no way to sit in the audience without feeling the passion and pure energy coming from this talented duo as they pour themselves into giving this original work everything they’ve got.

All I’m saying is, I witnessed a Nerf gun shoot-out and got to whack actors and fellow audience members with a foam noodle, so it seems a worthwhile way to spend a night of your weekend! If you’re interested in supporting locally written, produced, and performed original theatre (and Art Mag hopes you are!), this is your chance. Get on over to South of Broadway or Theatre 99 for one of Deuce’s last nights of Hot Button Bullivard. See Art Mag’s event cal for details.

words: Cara Beth Heath

Posted on November 3, 2012 by admin.

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