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Since it first opened in 1952, Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap has remained a popular show, and for good reason. Threshold Rep’s production of this murder mystery was as fresh for this Charleston audience as it would have been 60 years ago. Everyone in the room, including this Art Mag girl, was gripped from start to finish. Have you ever been watching a horror film when suddenly you feel like you’re in the room with a secret homicidal maniac and all of his potential victims?
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In this show, that’s exactly what is happening—the whole time.
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The cast featured members that each gave their own stellar performances, and also what I saw as an excellent group chemistry. John Aguilar and Victoria Vaughn played the newlywed Ralstons running a brand new guesthouse, while Nat Jones, Jay Danner, Fred Hutter, Miles Boinest, Sarah Wallis, and Allison Arvay filled the roles of the “guests” trapped in the Ralston’s Monkswell Manor due to a blizzard. Under the direction of Jo Ellen Aspinwall and Pamela Galle, the cast successfully and engagingly pulled off murder, fear, suspense, and humor. Don’t miss your chance to catch The Mousetrap before it closes on April 7th!
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I can’t tell you much more without giving away any clues, and that would sort of ruin the whole mystery part of this murder mystery. I especially can’t tell you that the murderer is the only character who—oh wait, no. Nevermind. Just… go see the show.
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words: Cara Beth Heath

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