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Q&A with producer Warren Ostergard

It’s official! Mayor Joe Riley has declared the last week of April “Charleston International Film Week.”  The 6fh annual film festival, held at College of Charleston’s Sottile Theatre, has revamped its set list and has provided audiences with laughs, suspense and romance.

Director of Festival Operations, Jim Busch, feels this is the festival’s best year yet. “We have a wide range of genres that film goers can choose from. We are showing films from all around the world, but we’re still gaining a local response from the community,” Busch says.

Day 2 of the festival projected a 12 minute film The Night of the Moon has Many Hours and the 89 minute feature Breaking at the Edge. Both films were thought provoking and contained a certain air of mystery.

The Night of the Moon has Many Hours follows the nightly ritual of a man who travels down a river and recovers bodies to return them to mourners. The  film is completely devoid of dialogue and is eerily captivating. Throughout the film’s 12 minutes the only sounds that are heard are insect noises and the movement of the black water. There is a certain darkness that evokes a sense of mystery and apprehension.

Breaking at the Edge, while suspenseful, isn’t just another horror movie. Set in Savannah, Georgia, the story follows a pregnant woman who is battling visions and night terrors. The whole time the audience is confronted with the decision of whether she is insane or if her premonitions are in fact true. Savannah’s historical streets and ghost folklore acts as an interesting background for this psychological thriller.

After both films were over, the audience had a chance to ask the producer of Breaking at the Edge, Warren Ostergard, questions about the work. “This small opportunity of interactivity is what keeps the audience engaged and coming back each year,” Busch says.

We were certainly engaged (both films were pretty awesome) and so glad that the Charleston International Film Festival continues to bring talented people together to celebrate these amazing stories.

words: Jillian Cunningham

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