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The Royal Tinfoil

On Saturday night, the Art Mag girls headed to the Old City Jail for a rockin’ night at the Jail Break festival, one of my favorite events the Holy City has to offer. Seriously, I wish Jail Break was every weekend.

The Old City Jail is usually pretty creepy, but the Jail Break crew does an amazing job at transforming one of the city’s spookiest buildings into a warm and inviting hub of creativity and awesomeness.

Upon entering, we were greeted in the hall by the gorgeous girls of Poof Tutus, who were displaying their fluffy and colorful tulle creations. Outside The Royal Tinfoil jammed out, surrounded by a crowd who sang along to every song. We love (and r-e-s-p-e-c-t) you, Royal Tinfoil! Then we were wowed by the Charleston Dance Alliance performers, who made us want to enroll in a dance class stat.

Playing at the Yelp Charleston booth

We wandered around the local artisan booths and bought some yummy smelling soap from the Old Whaling Company, fell in love with all of Simply Becoming Design‘s jewelry and headpieces, and had our mugshots taken by the Yelp Charleston crew. Then headed inside the jail to check out the visual art pieces and wow, we were really impressed by what we saw. We loved the room on the third floor covered in photographs taken by students at The Art Institute.

The dancing began again when Steven Fiore took to the stage, flanked on all sides by talented local musicians. Fiore released his first full-length album, Youth and Magic, on Saturday night and man, what we heard was good. We love Fiore’s soulful sound. Listen to Youth and Magic here. I’m tapping along to his song Flicker and Fade right now as I type this.

Katie Clement, "Escape"

So thank you, Jail Break, for bringing all kinds of creative and fun people together to celebrate our local wearable, visual, and performing artists! We’re already eagerly awaiting the arrival of the next Jail Break festival in the fall..

words: Janae Tanti

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