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"Plack Planet"

Did you know Pandora’s box was actually a jar?

This is the question posed to regional clay artists for the Pandora’s Box Exhibition presented by Cone 10 Studios. Artists were asked to create clay pieces in response to this question and the myth of Pandora’s Box as a whole. The only other specification was that each piece be no bigger than 12″ by 12.”

"The Little Republic"




In classic Greek mythology, Pandora was the first woman on earth, and endowed with gifts from all of the gods, like beauty, clothes, and the gift of speech. Suffice to say Pandora was quite the prize. So, when Prometheus stole fire from the gods, Zeus gave Pandora as a gift to Prometheus’ brother to punish him. Pandora was given to him along with a beautiful and ornate box with specific instructions from the gods never to open it. However, the gods also gave her the gift of curiosity, and so Pandora couldn’t help but take a peek. When she did, she unleashed all of the evil it contained onto the earth. All that remained in the box was the spirit of hope. The catch is that the “box” was actually a large, clay jar. Mistranslation somewhere down the line changed the word jar to box, and the phrase  “Pandora’s Box” stuck ever since – until now.

Cone 10’s Exhibitions will feature different representations of this myth to be judged by Akira Sataki. Sataki was born in Osaka, Japan and has won various awards for both visual art and music. He will be present on May 30 to award prizes and play his banjo. The exhibition will continue to run from May 30 until June 30.

words: Nash Steele

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