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When artist Alex Radin and his wife Sara were brainstorming ideas for the theme of this year’s Piccolo Spoleto art exhibit, they asked themselves the question: what does the city of Charleston need to hear?  They thought about the pressures of the economy and the stress that people feel every day trying to balance everything on their plate.  They found that their strongest wish was that in spite of these things, people would still be able to recognize the good things in life.  The sweet things.  Thus, Sweet! was born.  Alex and Sara rounded up twelve artists to participate, including themselves and their two daughters, Ellie and Neriya.  Judah, their two year old, is featured in the photography of Bethany Jaenicke and Jacquelyn Hiott, making this truly a family affair.  Each artist was encouraged to creatively represent their perspective of what it means to be sweet, using the medium of their choice.

Assorted Chocolate Truffles by Karen DeLoach & Jan Placko

Some artists took the term literally, like Karen Deloach and Jan Placko, who made hundreds of ceramic chocolates that look so realistic you’ll leave wanting to visit a chocolate shop.  Others used the term more loosely to include things they found sweet, like the beauty of nature.  The other artists include Hilary Siber (painting and drawing), Helena Rutan and Kimberly Krauk (photography), and Melanie Spinks and Amelia Whaley (mixed media).

"Rest" by Alex Radin


What’s most impressive about this exhibit is the inspiring family behind it.  The Radins are all equally talented, from Alex’s paintings that combine realism and whimsy, to Sara’s emotionally moving film, to Neriya’s giant and playful cake drawing that greets people as soon as they come up the stairs.  Ellie, at just eight years old, has made an incredible series of paintings that feature birds of her own imagination.  Fascinated by the idea of undiscovered species, she created her own types of birds and painted them in a way that is completely stunning at her young age.  And with all this talent, the Radins are still completely humble.  They started Artist of Fire with the fervent desire to give all artists a chance to pursue their dreams, by getting rid of some of the complications artists face when trying to succeed, like financial problems or where to show their work.  Their mission is to free artists of this burden and just give them room to create.  And “Sweet!” is an excellent example of what can happen when that is made possible.

Check out “Sweet!” at their opening reception Thursday, May 23 from 5 – 8 pm in the Citadel Square Baptist Church, just across Meeting Street from Marion Square.  The opening will feature live music by Volcanoes in the Kitchen and catering by Sugar & Spice.  The gallery will continue to be open May 24 – June 7, Monday through Friday, 11 am – 6 pm.  For more information on the event, click here.


words: Nash Steele

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