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On Tuesday night, my girlfriends and I joined all of Charleston in heading to the Family Circle Stadium on Daniel Island for the night I had been eagerly awaiting for weeks: The Killers live in concert.

The Killers are a rock band from Nevada who have taken the world by storm with such hits as “Mr. Brightside,” “Somebody Told Me,” and “Human.” They’ve won countless awards and their album, Hot Fuss¬†sold over 7 million copies. These guys usually play to sold out arenas of 70,000 people — it was a gift from the rock gods above that they graced Charleston with their presence at a 7,000 person amphitheater.

And killed it they did. Band frontman Brandon Flowers bounced across the stage for almost three hours, and not once did he miss a note or drop the energy. The band played a good mix of their beloved classics, music from their 2012 album Battle Born, and a new song yet to be released.

Photo by Janae Tanti

The energy from the crowd started out a little low, but by the end of the show every last one of us was up on our feet, singing and dancing along. The show ended on a high with a rainstorm of confetti coming down into the audience.
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The whole technical production was impressive. Laser beams shot into the sky, fireworks exploded onstage, green polkadot lights danced into the crowd.

We left Daniel Island exhausted yet elated.
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Exhausted from the hours of dancing, elated from having the opportunity to sing along with Brandon Flowers and the gang in person. Personally, I left feeling incredibly grateful that Charleston has grown into a destination that attracts such rockin’ performers as The Killers, and grateful I was able to witness such a fantastic performance while surrounded by my favorite people.

Bravo, mates. Bravo.

Now the countdown is on for FUN at Family Circle Stadium on September 24…

words: Janae Tanti

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