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Teil Duncan

BANGS shoes are magnificent enough on their own, but when you’ve got Teil Duncan’s wild portrait on your ankle, you have now been dubbed the coolest kid on the block. Redux Contemporary Art Center teamed upwith Gris Galerie, BANGS Shoes and Charleston Shop Curator for a lively fest of fresh kicks on Saturday evening.

Becca Barnet

BANGS passed a handful of shoes to local artists, who had each been assigned to decorate a pair. Each pair was put on a pedestal next to several previous works to highlight the artist’s individual style– and It is safe to say that the result was astounding.Taxidermist Becca Barnet transformed sneakers into furry, fangedmonsters, while Dalia Dalili and Camela Guevara of Gem Sounds customized a white pair with sections of stitching, jewels, and a dreamy purple and blue fade on the rubber front.The shoes were then auctioned off with a starting bid of $60 (roughly the amount that they cost BEFORE the artists marked them with their stroke of genius).

Dalia Dalili and Camela Guevara of Gem Sounds

Guests also had the option to buy a brand new pair of BANGS to decorate with a myriad of supplies donated by Artist & Craftsman and SpaceCraft Studios. People danced, designed and placed bids while DJ’s spun and kegs poured. At the end of the night, the auctioned shoes made their way into boxes for the recipients. Thanks to Art with a BANGS, Charleston will be now be awash with embellished feet as these art shoes hit the streets.

Words: Kyle Victory
Photos: Kyle Victory
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