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On Monday, May 19, the Carolina Art Association, who you know better as the Gibbes Museum of Art, hosted their 136th Annual Meeting.

The Gibbes is the oldest art museum in the South, and is owned equally by the City of Charleston and the Carolina Art Association. The storied history of the museum involves some of the greatest artists to come from the Holy City, visitors, locals, and adopted sons and daughters alike.

After the election of officers and board members, Board President Laura Gates announced that the Gibbes Museum had achieved their fifth year of operating ‘in the black.’ While that might seem a puzzling statement to some, non-profit organizations often close a fiscal year in the ‘red’ so to speak.

The Gibbes is also still in the midst of a massive capital campaign for renovations to the museum, and also announced that they are in good standing to raise the needed millions to begin construction, thanks to the tireless efforts of the committees, and as long as pledges are fulfilled, budgets are obeyed, and fundraising continues with the positive trend.
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The positive trends don’t stop with fundraising–private giving, earned income, and membership have been steadily increasing over the last four years, thanks in large part to their wonderful staff, a continued emphasis in programming, and forging new relationships through collaboration. Their auxiliary groups like the Gibbes Womens Council, Gibbes Etc. and Society 1858 have in excess of 550 members and brought in $200,000 for the museum.
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Mickey Bakst, the effervescent and endearing General Manager of the Charleston Grill restaurant, was awarded the James Shoolbred Gibbes Philanthropy Award, for his amazing efforts and success in with organizing the Gibbes Street Parties, sold-out affairs that bring together Charleston’s brightest chefs for an evening, and they do it in the street (cue The Beatles’ “Why Don’t We Do It in the Road”).

In other exciting news–

  • The Distinguished Lecture Series for November 2014 will include two esteemed architects, very fitting during the renovations
  • The 2015 installment will welcome artist Jeff Koons
  • They’ll close in September, and move offices to the Franke Building on Church Street
  • Pop Up Galleries and outdoor site-specific galleries will keep the excitement and exhibitions alive during the renovations
  • Art with a Twist and Art of Healing events will continue around town, and the Gibbes Fellows Travel will as well

Museum director Angela Mack had so many thanks to extend, particularly to her tireless staff, the hard-working board, and the community for their increased support. The museum has had some exciting acquisitions with new Henrietta Johnson pastels, two Stephen Scott Young watercolors, and loaning artwork to other collections around the country, keeping the collection relevant.
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All in all, there is much to look forward to from the Gibbes, even while their doors are closed for renovations–it’ll just be all over town!


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