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John Adams’ El Niño is a richly layered operatic presentation of the birth and early childhood of Christ.

The opening scene is set by a Greek chorus adorned in muted work-life clothing against a backdrop of familiar cross-rhythmic musical texture. The nativity story unfolds throughout Act One with poignant side commentary about the physical reality of carrying a child and giving birth to the Light of the World.
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During the second act, precisely designed lighting and harmonic explorations portray both the miraculous works of the young Christ and the realistic emotional pain of citizens who lost their children as a result of King Herod’s slaying of all the infants in Bethlehem. Perhaps most painful of all is the realization that the regular media sources have gone about their normal business, paying no attention to such acts of violence.
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However, hope and light are restored by the young Christ as he displays his ability to overcome dragons, fatigue, and thirst. Audience members are provided with a reason to wake up from their dreaming as they are now able to explore a world of hopeful and well-lit reality!
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words: Robbi Kenney

images: Julia Lynn Photography

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