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Kat Edmonson

Under the oaks of the Cistern Yard, a spot where she once studied during her freshman year at College of Charleston, Kat Edmonson serenaded a rapt audience last night, as part of the Wells Fargo Jazz Series of Spoleto Festival USA.

Edmonson left college forever after her first and only year at CofC, and while she quipped that folks were very worried about her decision at the time, they seem to be at ease with it now. And rightfully so. The tiny little pixie of a singer also mused that whether or not she knew what she was doing up there on stage was for us to decide after the performance. I’d say…she’s got her act down.

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For your reference: Leigh Magar and Johnny Tucker. Photo © Fredrika Stjärne

Edmonson’s voice is a wholly unusual thing. At the first notes, I was almost put off, but I quickly warmed to the sound.
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It’s both controlled and lovely, with a vintage flavor and straightforward delivery. I could picture the eclectic and eccentric Leigh Magar (of Madame Magar) and her husband Johnny Tucker (an architect) dressed in their typical garb, dancing to a crackling, vinyl recording of Edmonson and her band, barefoot in their living room.
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Love songs and songs of love lost made up the majority of the evening. The songwriting was quite good; straightforward and delivered with an overall sweet manner, tinted one way or another by the tone of each song. Her movement on stage was even and controlled, just like her pixie haircut and her fifties style dress; nothing was out of place musically.

One of my favorite pieces was a song called “Champagne.” If you know me at all, you’ll understand why. Enjoy.
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In another song, “Lucky,” she comments “Life is just a dream/Lucky you, lucky, lucky me,” and went on to say that the longer she lives, she finds life to be a dream more and more. It occurred to me that perhaps ‘an ethereal dream state’ is a more accurate description of Kat Edmonson and her music. Dreamlike and enchanting. With a wholly unusual sound.

words: Stacy Huggins

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