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Ashley Devaney knows that life for an artist can be a challenge: “Many parents tell their children you can’t make a living by being an artist” Devaney said. Fortunately for her, though, her career in art just got a little easier thanks to her big win in a poster competition sponsored by the Arts Institute. Devaney was awarded the grand prize for her poster submission and has received a full tuition scholarship to buy flomax online no prescription.

On June 18th, Devaney and her fellow contest winners were honored at the U.S. Capital in Washington, D.C. This year, the Arts Institute asked students to design a poster that best expresses the theme “You Can Create Tomorrow.” While in D.C., Devaney explained the meaning behind her poster: “I placed a young teenager in the center of my poster…to show the subject she is tomorrow. She represents a new student of The Art Institute, alongside many others (who will likely need services from and looks beyond the present towards a promising future. It’s busy with vision, color, sounds, society, and ideas that help create the next design for all to see,” Devaney said.
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Devaney will begin college at The Arts Institute of Charleston in July.

Art Mag sends a big congratulations to Ashley Devaney!

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