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Bennett Jones of The Charleston Music Hall

The Charleston Music Hall has come to life thanks to Charles Carmody and his team, and their Summer Harvest Celebration was a wonderful example. They recently announced that “Charleston Music Hall has signed an exclusive booking agreement with the Nashville based promotions company, National Shows 2. ┬áThis deal is the next big step for the Music Hall, as we seek to secure solid national programming with a stellar company.” But that’s not keeping them from presenting some of the best local acts available.

The Tarlatans, Steven Fiore, and Volcanoes in the Kitchen wrapped up three days of incredible performances and the release of three cds during the Summer Harvest celebration weekend.

Volcanoes in the Kitchen

Volcanoes in the Kitchen is fronted by three siblings, Gabby, Drew and Hannah. These kids clearly learned how to share. They each contribute to vocals, and share the stage well. They were joined by one of my favorite local drummers, Stuart White. Their performance was enthusiastic and polished, impressive for their youth. The songwriting was a little one-note, everything centered around relationships.

Steven Fiore‘s set was extremely plugged-in for someone I’ve always seen as more of a quiet performer, and it was a supreme treat. Fiore left Charleston a while back for Los Angeles; he recently relocated again to Chapel Hill, NC. Guessing by the song that sounded something like a anti-love letter to LA, something to the effect of ‘I don’t know how they can talk so loud over the music, someone tell the deejay to relax,’ I think he’s very happily installed in Chapel Hill.

Fiore was backed by a super group of artists, and their experience was evident by their ability put together some stellar music in three days. Fiore introduced the horn section, and especially noted that their music was written just a few days earlier. It was an incredible performance.

a quieter moment with Steven Fiore

The Tarlatans new album “Good Luck” was the reason for the season. There aren’t many notes in my notebook, probably because I was having such a good time. The lead track from “Good Luck” features guest vocals from G Love of G Love and Special Sauce. The song is a developed lovely piece of music. The harmonica is a nice addition. We had a great time with this band, and I think that we can expect much more. Hopefully the community will step up and support these musicians so we don’t lose more talent to Nashville or NYC or Los Angeles.

The Tarlatans

Kudos to all the musicians, and to Charleston Music Hall for their efforts and visionary programming.


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