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This past Tuesday was my dear friend’s birthday.  She had had an absolutely terrible day – car accident and all – and had not made any birthday plans, so it was time to pull something amazing together with absolutely no time!

Laura Ball at the Mezz

Luckily, I remembered that songstress babes Laura Ball, Mary Fishburne, and Becca Anderson were all performing for the Unedited Cabaret Tuesdays at the Mezz that very night!  I couldn’t have come up with a more perfect place to surprise her.   We reserved a lovely table for 6 for the 9:30 p.m. show, and put a crazy Marie Antoinette mask on the birthday girl who had no clue where we were taking her!

She was so excited as we arrived at the Mezz as she had always wanted to see a show there.  Upstairs, we were greeted by the incredible Quentin Baxter, co-owner of the place and internationally famous drummer extraordinaire, who happened to be the sound-guy that night.  I love it when famous people are normal hard-working badasses in their home towns!

Dinner was super delicious and our waiter, Rodrigo helped us make all the best choices as the girls on stage got the entire place to sing Happy Birthday.


Becca Anderson and Mary Fishburne singing!



The Unedited Cabaret was so much fun with lots of great jokes and audience participation, and Ball, Fishburne, and Anderson seriously blew us all away by their amazing vocal talents!  All of the songs were themed around “working hard” or being home after a long day of women working hard.  My favorite was their rendition of this old song that went like this:

“I’m in a hurry to get things done.  

I rush and rush until life’s no fun.  

All I’ve gotta do is live and die.  

I’m in a hurry and don’t know why!”


Check out their next show called Cabaret Incognito on October 28 at the Mezz!  Click here for more info.

Unedited Cabaret Tuesdays at the Mezz!


Birthday craziness in a Marie Antoinette mask at the Mezz



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