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David Mandel and Erin Wilson star in “Outside Mullingar”

PURE Theatre never fails to disappoint when putting on contemporary plays; the Southeastern Regional Premiere of Outside Mullingar is no exception. Written by critically acclaimed John Patrick Shanley (Doubt, Moonstruck), Outside Mullingar, set in present day Ireland, is the story of quirky neighboring farmers following in their parent’s footsteps. It is a heartwarming and thought provoking love(ish) story sprinkled with some dark and brutally honest reflections about life and death. “Where do we go? The sky? No, the ground. What’s the sky for then? Now.”

Anthony Reilly (David Mandel) and Rosemary Muldoon (Erin Wilson) have known each other since they were wee babes and Anthony pushed Rosemary down in a grassy field (for which Rosemary, now well into adulthood, has never forgiven him for).

Directed by co-founder Rodney Lee Rogers, PURE’s Outside Mullingar is a stellar production all around. The script was beautiful and poetic, the set was a perfect combination of minimal and slightly absurd, and the cast, comprised of Cynthia Barnett, David Mandel, Randy Neale, and Erin Wilson, navigated the ups and downs of their characters with grace (and with convincing Irish accents!).

Rosemary is my favorite female character of any play I’ve read/seen lately. Brilliantly portrayed by Erin Wilson, Rosemary has an answer for any and everything and was not afraid to say it. Wilson’s performance was nuanced and engaging and you can tell Rosemary’s strong independent nature came easy to her. Opposite her, was timid and slightly off Anthony (Mandel) who has a pretty strange secret. Mandel also gave a beautifully quiet performance. The chemistry between Wilson and Mandel was tangible and made the bizarre love connection work. It reminds us that love is always an option no matter how late in the game.

Definitely check out this performance while you can, there’s a little something for everyone. It won’t disappoint. Outside Mulingar runs until March 28th at PURE Theatre,

words: Jessika Stocker

Pure Theatre, 477 King Street, downtown Charleston,, 843.723.4444

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