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by Sarah Miller

Who You Let in Who You Leave Out, by Susan Irish

“At our age, it is assumed that we have it all figured out already, but we are constantly emerging, experimenting, and perfecting,” says Susan Irish, owner of Fabulon Center for Arts and Education.

Their upcoming exhibition 53 63 73 is far from a retrospective show, even though the five featured artists, all over 50 years of age, have been creating art for nearly a combined 150 years. “Artists are storytellers… we are really concentrating on relaying specific moments in time, recreating memories, or sensation,” says Irish, who works mainly with beeswax and pigments.

Power Shift, by Mayriel Edge

In Fabulon’s 53 63 73, patrons will view new works by oil painters Laura Mcrae Hitchcock, Eugene Horne, Meyriel Edge, as well as mixed media by Hampton Olfus, and Susan Irish.

Mayriel Edge is the eldest of the 53 63 73 artists. While her oil paintings are described as “cautionary tails,” Edge does not lecture the viewer but has created a glimpse into the future based on experiencing life before iPhones or Twitter. Edge’s 73 trips around the sun make for ample substance in her visual narratives.

Artist Hampton Olfus

Susan Irish takes life’s uncomfortable moments and uses them as fuel to ignite her imagination. The inspiration for her newest series came after having an heirloom stolen right out from under her nose. Incredibly frustrated by her recent experience, she allowed her distrust in humanity to briefly get the best of her. Seeing a side of herself that Irish wasn’t proud of, she took to the canvas to work out her anger. The process was therapeutic, and the result was meaningful. “Some people cry or act out,” Irish explains.

“For me as an artist, the only way to make it right in my world is to turn those moments into paintings.”

Finding liberation in the act of creating is a reward each of the artists has found through different styles and mediums. Time has given the artists the confidence to take chances in the departments of subject and execution, which in return defies ageist stereotypes.


53 63 73 at Fabulon, 1017 Wappoo Rd, Charleston 29407
On View: January 6 – 27, 2017
Opening Reception: January 13, 5-8pm


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Posted on January 9, 2017 by Matt Mill.

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