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by Sarah Miller

Jesus Navarro, Oranges and Stripes, 16″ x 31″ oil on canvas, $11,900

“I’m the most excited I’ve been about an exhibit in a really long time!”

That’s a pretty momentous statement coming from Robert Lange, one of the cultivators of Charleston’s contemporary art scene and owner of Robert Lange Studios.

David Eichenberg, Fiona III, 25″ x 30″ oil on aluminum, $28,000

Opening on February 3, Attention to Detail will bring some of the biggest names in the realm of photorealism to Charleston by highlighting time-oriented realists from around the country and Europe. Robert and his wife Megan know what goes into making a particularly impressive painting, both being educated in Fine Art and having 12 years of gallery ownership under their belts.

“So many of these artists have the ability to create dynamic compositions. It is the artists who have the ability to do so and create an exquisite surface to the paintings that really impresses me. In this exhibit I would say Tom Martin from London and our own RLS painter David Eichenberg are the two who have created masterpieces when it comes to surface,” explains Lange.

Tom Martin, A Moment in Time, 45” x 33” oil on aluminum, $16,000

While all 30 pieces in Attention to Detail fall into the photorealism category, viewers will be delighted to see subject matter ranging from a mind-blowing painting of farmers market finds by Eric Wert to a politically driven vignette of a goldfish by Charleston local Erik Johnson.

Eric Wert, The Locavore, 40″ x 50” oil on canvas $35,000

“We only do a show of this caliber every few years.”

“The artists we have been able to connect with are some of the best of the best within their genre and most have never had their work in Charleston,” says Lange. With that being said, we suggest you don’t miss this.

Erik Johnson, Political Solution, 18″ x18″ oil on panel, $3,600

Christopher Stott, Oliver No. 3 Typewriter, 30″ x 36″ oil on canvas, Sold

Matt Story, All That’s Left, 60″ x 40″ oil on panel, $16,800


On view now through February, 2017
Opening Reception: February 3, 5-8pm
Robert Lange Studios | 2 Queen St, Charleston 29401


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Posted on January 13, 2017 by Matt Mill.

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