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by Emily Reyna

photo by Karson Photography

The air was infectious with anticipation for night two of Lexus Charleston Fashion Week. As the week goes on, the excitement heightens with each runway show. Peace Love Hip Hop dance team set the stage for the night with an upbeat, hip-hop performance from their dance team.

A key feature to CFW is highlighting local fashion from retailers and boutiques around the Charleston area. Wednesday’s first show was local retailer Mosa Boutique, featuring looks you could wear straight off the runway for both men and women in many shades of pastel colors that are perfect for spring.

Kicking off the emerging designer competition was Andrew Clancey from Nashville, TN. Originally a fashion stylist and patternmaker in London, Clancey is deeply inspired by the punk music scene in England, which is the very foundation for his collection. His collection showed as a theatrical presentation featuring structured separates in sequins. Bright sequins can go either way, but Clancey’s collection was tailored to perfection. Clancey went on to win People’s Choice of the night for the emerging designers.

Andrew Clancey, Emerging Designer. Image by Emily Reyna.

Next was emerging designer Jesse Thaxton from Grandbury, TX. She is deeply influenced by the concept of the future while understanding who we are as a culture – which are ideas that can be seen in her designs. Her creative process is a cerebral concept expressed in the elements of shape, form, color, and silhouette. The collection showed a wide range of materials, including synthetic leather in deep forest greens met with faded blue knitwear.

Jesse Thaxton, Emerging Designer. Image by Emily Reyna.

Jesse Thaxton, Emerging Designer. Image by Emily Reyna.

Escapada Living then took the runway with resort-ready bold patterns and bright colors. Their collection was ideal for a Charleston resident, taking you right into spring. The designs feature a tropical essence, incorporating palm prints and hues you would find in nature.

Though CFW is often dominated by womenswear, M. Dumas & Sons brought quality menswear designers to the runway. A wide range was shown, from casual looks to formalwear. Casual wear included structured, pattern button-downs and chinos in crisp colors for warm temperatures. The formalwear exhibited tailored suits and tuxedos, ending the runway show with sumptuous black and rich shades of the deepest navy.

The third emerging designer featured was Anna Catherine Dickens from Louisburg, NC. Dickens began her career as a visual artist before her fashion design endeavors. Inspired by architectural elements, her pieces incorporated clean lines, draping, detail work, and movement. Her designs are ready-to-wear, featuring mostly black and white with some interjections of bright magenta.

Last on the runway for emerging designers was Amanda Casarez from Stafford, VA. Casarez is deeply inspired by the practice of kintsukuroi in Japanese culture, which repairs broken pottery with gold. This process brings an awareness that pottery is more beautiful after being broken and restored, along with a strong representation of the human heart. Her designs overflow with this aesthetic, bringing rich hues accented by gold. Shape is an essential fixture of Casarez collection, featuring many geometrical structures and movements throughout her pieces. Casarez states she wants her emotion to come through in her work, using fashion as a way to connect with people. Casarez won the Emerging Designer Competition for the night and will advance to the final competition on Saturday night at the finale.

Art Institue of Atlanta and Charleston. Image by Emily Reyna.

The Art Institute of Atlanta and Charleston brought the show to a close, highlighting many of their own fashion designs students. Before the show began, an introduction was given as a reminder of why this is so essential: a banner to proclaim that fashion brings people together, this is the time to invest in the next generation of designers who will one day be the next Balenciaga or Alexander Wang. Their show was packed with diverse looks, including some ready to wear and other more avant-garde in color and design.


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