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by Emily Reyna

Image by Karson Photography

Night three of Lexus Charleston Fashion Week opened with Nashville country artist Conor Clemmons. There was a noticeably higher energy to the week as Belk Night kicked off.

The first look down the runway was by emerging designer Quinan Dalton, a student at North Carolina State University pursuing a BFA in Fashion Design and Illustration. Dalton draws her inspiration from a pure form of beauty and femininity that manifested into her designs. She captured beauty while simultaneously incorporating a moody element, causing you to feel there’s something just a little off about it all. Her shapes were direct, featuring many forms of a triangular silhouette, including bell shape on sleeves and pant legs. Dalton went on to win People’s Choice for emerging designers at the end of the night.

Next up was emerging designer Kathryn Hayes from Savannah, GA. Hayes originally studied interior design but fall for fashion design and quickly switched career paths. Being from a warmer climate, Hayes is drawn to resort-inspired designs, made evident through her pattern and color choices that are reminiscent of a tropical island. Her collection is a nod to the 1960s with full A-line skirts, citrus color, and geometric patterns.

Belk is a staple in the South, bringing modern classics to the forefront of fashion. Belk Night featured a trifecta of three runway shows back to back. The first show was all about bright, tropical wear, with looks for the upcoming warm summer months. The second show exhibited light pastels for spring on feminine dresses and sport coats. Belk closed the show with beach and swimwear looks for men and women, with ready-to-wear loungewear playing up on the athleisure trend of the moment.

Belk. Image by Emily Reyna

Next up on the runway was William Rast, clothing line by Justin Timberlake and represented by Belk. The creative director describes the collection as Hollywood-meets-Tennessee – a purely American lifestyle encapsulated by classic pieces. Live music from rock n’ roll band Bishop Gunn of Natchez, MS played during the show, which included a wide range of looks with everything from the classic jean jacket to leather jacket.

The third emerging designer of the night was Nadine Ralliford from Stone Mountain, GA. Ralliford grew up in Jamaica where she learned to sew from her aunt, who she describes as having the greatest influence on her work. The garments were drenched with texture in the form of ruffles, line work, and details. Ralliford went on to win the Emerging Designer of the night, moving here to the main competition on Saturday night.

Nadine Ralliford, Emerging Designer. Image by Emily Reyna

Last show on the runway was emerging designer Victoria Cullinan Strayhorn, local to Charlotte, NC. Growing up in a multi-ethnic home, Strayhorn found a natural tendency to want to explore the creative arts. A trained painter, Strayhorn also studied Fashion Design at Savannah College of Art and Design. Her creative process archives memories and ideas into a clear vision for her designs that focuses on complex pattern-making, resulting in a seemingly simple garment. Her color palette ranged from pale pinks in soft silk to rich burgundy brown in velvet.

Victoria Cullinan Strayhorn, Emerging Designer. Image by Emily Reyna


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Posted on March 18, 2017 by Matt Mill.

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