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Charleston Supported Art: Summer 2015

The Summer 2015 share of Charleston Supported Art has arrived, and features artists Lune Mer Porcelain, Riki Matsuda, Arianne King Comer, and James Wine.

With their initiative to connect local Charleston artists to collectors, CSA selects 12 visual artists and splits them into three seasons that contain four artists each. Evolved from the popular community supported agriculture model, CSA sells 32 shares per season. Each artist is paid a $1,500 stipend to create 32 new works. Patrons select their preferred season based on the artists, and for a very fair $425, will receive four original works of art to beef up their collection.
CSA invites the public to meet the artists and learn about their work before purchasing a share. Here is our sneak peek of the artists of Charleston Supported Art Summer season, and since this is Art Mag’s Collection Issue, we had to know what they collect too.


Lune Mer Porcelain

Lune Mer Porcelain

Lune Mer Porcelain is a two-person team of Rena Lasch and Ruth Ballou. Ballou is a native Charlestonian and a member of Cone 10 Studios, where she teaches throwing and design; Lasch is a lifelong creative who is drawn to three-dimensional art—landscape and architectural design, sculpture, and her renewed passion for ceramics. Their collaborative work for CSA will be made from hand built porcelain slabs that are textured, stretched, and fired at cone 10 oxidation, or 2,300 degrees Fahrenheit. Both artists find inspiration in nature: Lasch finds it in the small intricacies of her garden, and Ballou finds it in the tactile, malleable qualities of pluff mud, a natural plastic that led her to working with clay.

Ruth Collects: Functional ceramics created by potters from around the world
Rena Collects: Images and ideas from her daily experiences—found organic material, photographs, or sketches—and an insect collection


Riki Matsuda

Riki Matsuda

Riki Matsuda is a Columbus College of Art and Design alumna whose work and life is inspired by the way that people interact with one another and by artists such as Louise Bourgeois, Miranda July, Hayao Miyzaki. Matsuda works with collaged paper, photographs, graphite, pen, watercolor, and gouache. Her creative process is complex and varies on each project; “sometimes the cuts are concise and premeditated, while other times I spend hours looking for a piece of paper that fits the exact shape, texture, or color I need.”

Riki Collects: Books, pencils, bits of paper, handwriting, and chapstick

Arianne King Comer

Arianne King Comer is something of a legend in the local art scene, as a passionate textile artist and an advocate for social justice through her art. She works in the ancient art of batik, a process of applying hot wax to fabric that will then resist color when the fabric is dyed. She begins with the lightest colors and after dying them covers the design in wax and continues to do this as the shade moves to darker colors. Her inspiration comes from cultural, historical, and natural celebrations, and she often uses indigo in her work as a nod to her ancestors.

Arianne Collects: Artwork by colleagues and from her travels—Istanbul, Nairobi, Mali, Mumbai, Côte d’Ivoire, Oshogbo, and Accra; ethnic wearable art, and stamps


Arianne King Comer


James Wine

James Wine

James Wine is an acrylic painter who uses human body and ocean life as inspiration for the motifs in his works. He begins by sketching and framing the object he wants to create and creating a color study. Wine meticulously lays down tape and adjusts, cuts, and moves the tape to create clean shapes. He then paints and peels the tape up for a “slow, wonderful, pain-staking reveal.”  Wine is a College of Charleston alumnus and works at Artist and Craftsman Supply.
James Collects: Puce colored objects, comics, and tropical-themed shirts

The Summer Pick-Up event will be held at Mixson Bath & Racquet Club on August 6, 2015. For more information on buying a share, current artists, or the artist selection process, visit

words: Rachel McDermott

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