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Michael Wiernicki

image: Cyle Suesz

What do you get when you combine the theatre, costuming, music and fashion?

A man named Michael Wiernicki. Costume shop manager by day, fashion designer by night, and spectacles that would put Clark Kent to shame.

You’ve got to give Charleston Fashion Week credit. They have put a lot of emerging designers on the path to success, and Wiernicki is among excellent company as a CFW Emerging Designer alum. Jamie Lin Snider, also a CFW alum, carries Wiernicki’s line at her new shop JLINSNIDER on Upper King Street.

Wiernicki didn’t always have his eye on the fashion prize. “I grew up doing theatre, thinking I wanted to be an actor. When I got to college, I realized I didn’t want to do that,” he says. He then did set design, and that didn’t take either. Costume design, however, did. Collaborating with directors, actors, and more, Wiernicki found he loved costuming. As the costume shop manager for College of Charleston’s theatre department, he works on around nine shows a year and loves what he’s doing.

image: Ed Kavishe, fashionwirepress.com

As a fashion designer, Wiernicki says “I tell my own story,” and he enjoys being able to express his vision through clothing. “The runway IS theatre,” he says. His designs are often sculptural, and bring together the unexpected combination of futuristic and primal elements. His aesthetic philosophy is still changing and evolving, but he believes that as a culture, we’re moving faster and evolving towards a time when technology is going to bring us back full circle to the beginning of time.

“I tell my own story… the runway IS theatre.” Wiernicki says

Music is another passion of Wiernicki’s. He’s always on the hunt for new music and can spout off a long list of super-cool, under-the-radar musicians, inevitably the ones we’ll all be listening to six months later. “Music, fashion, art, they’re all intertwined,” he says.

words: Stacy Huggins

image: Ed Kavishe, fashionwirepress.com

Posted in Wearable on February 27, 2012 (Winter 2012) by Art Mag.

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