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Nurturing Artists Through the Listings Project

What began as a chain of emails between friends in New York City is now a full-fledged online operation.

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Founder Stephanie Diamond

Stephanie Diamond, the founder of Listings Project, was an artist on the quest for affordable housing in Manhattan. She kept receiving news about available properties after she found her place, so she sent the emails along to other artists, creating new connections that snowballed into much more.

This invaluable site curates and delivers real estate listings, job opportunities, and much more from hundreds of locations worldwide right into your inbox every week. Diamond and her team filter out all those potentially money-hungry third party resources that lurk in all corners of the Internet—real estate brokers, managers, listings with fees, etc.—to really focus in on connecting artists with meaningful opportunities, productive spaces and, ultimately, other good people.

The site doesn’t cater exclusively to artists, but it’s an especially good resource for creatives in urban environments since finding affordable, reliable studio space is about as easy as stumbling upon a two dollar bill.


On the other side of the real estate equation, listing your available properties with this project is also a unique way to support the arts for those patrons looking to give back in unexpected ways.Whether you’re posting or hunting, Listings Project gives us the opportunity to participate in Diamond’s expansive vision for a more socially aware art form, one that is not only made for an audience but also with a community.

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